How to improve English skills
How to improve English skills

How to improve English skills

How to improve English Communication skills can be a tough question to answer. Because of numerous methods and multiple options. There are many ways to improve communication skills, but your reason for what you want to improve will guide and specify your path of learning. So, first of all, decide your reason and then you will get an oriented answer for your journey. If you want to improve your English communication as it can help you to succeed in a competitive interview or for a job or for mastering the art of conversation or persuasion or it could be for academics. It varies from person to person. 

Communication is a language-based skill, therefore you need to carefully evaluate which part you feel is difficult or hard to understand or you think still needs more improvement. 

  • Listening
  • Reading 
  • Speaking
  • Writing

Once you decide which part needs more improvement, start that first.

Now, after the evaluation process, some pro tips for everyone. 

Join these YouTube channels for better growth and best understanding:

  1. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
  2. BBC Learning English
  3. Vocabineer
  4. Learn English with Benjamin [engVid]
  5. Insights to English
  6. English with Lucy
  7. English Danny Learn English Channel.

Install these mobile android application from Google Playstore for everyday practice:

  1. English reading & English Listening – Awabe          
  2. English Vocabulary – 90.000 Words with Pictures   
  3. BBC Learning English           
  4. LearnEnglish Podcasts – Free English listening        

Learn English by Stories – Audiobooks for Beginner

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